hw triple beading bits with ball bearing guide z2

  • HW router bits for working solid surface are manufactured by Sistemi Klein with high quality raw materials, softer cutting angles and the use of carefully selected Delrin bearings to allow safe and optimal processing of solid surfaces and to decorate Corian, Avonite, Hanex and more.
  • Nowadays, working and routing "Solid Surface" material is more and more common. Solid Surface such as Corian®, Avonite®, Hanex®… are largely used  in many different fields, both domestic (bathrooms, kitchens and labs) and health (hospital and clinics). It is a useful, versatile and easy to clean product. All the Klein router bits for working solid surface are developed and made with a special solid carbide for cutting these sturdy materials. The soft form of our cutting angles and the Delrin® ball bearings, allow safe and easy operations.

icona Corian


icona Hand router machine

Hand router machine

icona Router table

Router table

S (shank)
D (diameter)
B (cutting length)
L (total length)
R (Radius)
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