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When it all began in 1987, the company was born under the name Sistemi srl. It was not until 1992 that the Klein® brand (with its distinctive green color) was introduced to the market, with which we became known worldwide.
Indeed, in less than 30 years it has become synonymous with high quality solid wood, panel, aluminium and plastic processing products in more than 60 countries in the world.
Over the years, an increasingly demanding market and an ever-growing customer base have led us to think about and design new product lines to meet all kinds of needs. Thus, over the years, new trademarked product lines were born, all referring to the Klein® brand.


Thanks to numerous collaborations with machine manufacturers and dealers in the window and door industry, we created and developed the Aluklein® brand. This brand deals with industrial tools for machining aluminium and PVC. We developed and produced tools that respond to new market requirements to meet the most demanding quality standards. Visit the Aluklein® website to find out more.


Italy is the country where we produce our products, always paying attention to quality, choice of raw materials and finished product. The decision to export to countries such as China and the United States under this brand name comes from the fact that "Made in Italy" is recognised throughout the World for the study, dedication and technological innovation we put behind each product and for the quality that derives from it. The Klein Italy brand was born from the need to distinguish Klein products in the foreign market as Made in Italy.


The Trimatic® product line was created in 1998 as the first and original drilling jig, to drill 3 or more holes at the same time with centre-to-centre distance suitable for mounting the most well-known hinges (Salice, Blum, Hettich, ...). The article has been copied several times over the years without ever achieving the results we have achieved. Over the years, the Trimatic® product line has expanded with the Trimatic Super to be mounted on automatic multiboring machines. Click here to learn about all Trimatic® products.


For some years now, our technical/production department has been developing a sub-micron diamond+graphite coating (DLC) to cover solid carbide router bits and knives. This coating ensures a longer tool life of up to 4 times longer compared to the uncoated tool, a better finishing and less maintenance cost due to fewer sharpenings, which leads to significant cost savings and less downtine machines. Discover the full range of KleinDIA® coated products here.

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The first model of Tornado® was introduced in the market in March 2014 experiencing a great success among worker and machinery operators due to its great results. Since that time, many other producers have tried to copy our Tornado® making only "poor copies". Now, Sistemi has developed and introduced in the market, a new version of Tornado®, even more efficient, reliable and higher performance. Easy to assemble directly on the collet chuck instead of the standard nut, the new Klein Tornado® provides a big improvement of dust evacuation, removing it from the work piece directly into the centralized extraction system of the CNC machine. Discover the Tornado® product range here.


The constant research for a superior quality product has led Sistemi to include the HotBlock® shrink-fit chucks in its catalog, together with the corresponding heat-shrinking machine (K.START.2) and cooling (K.FG.500) machines. The shrink-fit chucks, which are already in use in metalworking, enable the highest possible precision machining (less than 3 micron), avoiding the coupling problems typical of clamped tool holders with nut/collet. High stability and rigidity make them perfect for heavy-duty machining. Discover the HotBlock® range of Shrink-Fit for HSK63F and ISO30 here.


Following the 2016 catalog update, the new ExtraBore® coated solid carbid drill bits for automatic multiboring machines were added. The performance of the drills outperforms the same uncoated drills by up to 4 times and achieves up to 9 times better performance than the standard drills in TCT. This is a new step forward for us and for the company that is looking for the quality product that can help large industry, but also the small furniture maker, to increase their production cycle, reducing set up time and less downtime machine. Discover the ExtraBore® range on our website here.

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ExtraCut® is the next level of premium quality saw blades. Silents slots are filled with a special synthetic plastic resin placed for greater stability and reduced vibration. More silence and greater stability make the quality of the finishing incredible. A special carbide grade and the extra grinding operation, make these sawblades the best for your needs. See our range of ExtraCut® saw blades here.

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