Sistemi for craftsmen

This section is dedicated to craftsmen/carpenters and professional woodworkers. We have designed specific tools in order to solve the small problems of craftsmanship. These tools are specially designed to make work easier for craftsmen and raise the quality of the final product to the highest standards.

Handicraft products

- The Trimatic for fixing the hinge to the panel. They are used with a standard drill press or a portable electric drill and allow you to drill three holes at the same time with interaxis distance depending on the type of hinge. In the recent years, Trimatic range has increased, we now offer a solution for drilling three holes suitable for Lamello Cabineo® joints.

- A complete range of adjustable countersink with special antifriction depth stopper to avoid problem of wood cracking and marking. Suitable for decking and other joinery applications. Thanks to our new solution, it is now possible to adjust both drilling and countersink depth in an easy and quick manner in order to make seats for flush screws simply by using a power portable drill. Find out more regarding the two solutions we offer.

- We offer a wide range of Italian made Klein® circular saw blades for professional use on portable machines (hand-held saws, plunge saws, miter saws and table saws). They built with an advanced silencing system that provides different geometry of "silent slots" and specially designed "anti-vibration slots" to reduce vibration and increase performance and lifetime.

If you would like to learn more about this topic, we recommend that all craftsmen and professionals in the woodworking sector look through our helpful Catalog, which includes all products with interesting and intuitive explanations and working techniques.


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