hw insert cover bits with ball bearing z2

Sistemi has developed a new line of Klein router bits with interchangeable carbide knives, with an higher hardness and easy to be replaced, moreover there are other important advantages:

  • Longer tool life, with knives easy to be replaced,
  • Better finish quality thanks to the cutting edge always sharpened,
  • Higher measures precision because the dimensions of cutting edge don’t change,
  • Better quality/price ratio with an higher production efficiency. 


Complete with reversible knives.

icona Plywood


icona Softwood


icona Hardwood


icona Chipboard


icona Hand router machine

Hand router machine

icona Router table

Router table

icona ball bearings

ball bearings - Z050.003.N

icona hw knives

hw knives - Z055.555.N

icona slotted cheese head screws

slotted cheese head screws - Z051.501.R

S (shank)
D (diameter)
B (cutting length)
L (total length)
R (Radius)
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