hw insert flush trimming bits with ball bearing z2

Sistemi has developed a new line of Klein router bits with interchangeable carbide knives, with an higher hardness and easy to be replaced, moreover there are other important advantages:

  • Longer tool life, with knives easy to be replaced,
  • Better finish quality thanks to the cutting edge always sharpened,
  • Higher measures precision because the dimensions of cutting edge don’t change,
  • Better quality/price ratio with an higher production efficiency. 
  • Complete with reversible knives.
  • The same knives can be used for both 45° and R= 3 bevel.

icona Plywood


icona Softwood


icona Hardwood


icona Laminate / double side laminate

Laminate / double side laminate

icona Chipboard


icona Hand router machine

Hand router machine

icona Router table

Router table

icona ball bearings

ball bearings - Z050.003.N

icona hw knives

hw knives - Z055.553.N

icona slotted cheese head screws

slotted cheese head screws - Z051.501.R

S (shank)
D (diameter)
B (cutting length)
L (total length)
α (angolo di taglio)
R (Radius)
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Item S D B L α R Price Quantity
8 27.3 5.7 59 45° 3 To see the price
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