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  • To maintain the inside of the spindle mouth clean.
  • Ensures extreme cleanliness of tapered spindles and it maintains the precision and prolongs the life of your expensive machines, cutting tools and toolholders.
  • To avoid wrong positioning of the holders and ensure best contact between tool and tool holder for a better coupling.
  • Suitable for all tool holder types.
  • proper maintenance of the collet and the spindle with Klein® products will allow your tooling to live longer with better performance.



Clean collets and tool holders regularly before inserting the cutting tool. Regular cleaning increases the operation safety and ensures great performance. We recommend a regular preventive maintenance of the spindle mouth, collet pocket and spring collets using the right wipers and brushes thanks to our item X137. In order to prevent the formation of corrosion and rust, tool holders and spring collets have to be treated with a protective lubricant before storing them (see our item KleinPROTECT). Any dirt, dust, oil or other contaminant left on the spindle, taper, flange or collet can cause poor TIR (runout) and premature wear. It is necessary to protect your investments in machines with a regular cleaning.

Item Collet chuck Drawing
T137.002.N Taper 2 (MK2) 1
T137.003.N Taper 3 (MK3) 1
T137.030.N ISO 30/BT 30 1
T137.040.N ISO 40/BT 40 1
T137.125.N HSK25E 2
T137.132.N HSK32 A-C-E 2
T137.140.N HSK40 A-C-E 2
T137.150.N HSK50 A-C-E 2
T137.250.N HSK50 B-D-F 2
T137.163.N HSK 63 A-C-E 2
T137.263.N HSK 63 B-D-F 2