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displays router bits S=6/8/12, dowel drills, mortising bits, sawblades

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  • The tool holder has to be blocked on the flange diameter which is made in special and durable steel.
  • Light (the basement is made in anodized light alloy) and easy to use.
  • It is adjustable from 0° to 90°.
  • Auto-locking roller bearing design for the fastest tool changes and no slippage.
  • Fastest and easiest tool change.
  • Wide range of tightening stand/locking devices available for HSK32, HSK40, HSK50, HSK63, ISO30 and ISO40 spindles.
  • It is essential near a CNC router, point-to-point and CNC centres machines.
  • Easy to be mount near the machine thanks to four holes on the basement. NB: Tightening device must be fixed before using.

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Take a look at our tutorial video on our YouTube Channel for further information:

Item Collet chuck
T139.132.N For HSK32 tool holder ∅ 32
T139.140.N For HSK40 tool holder ∅ 40
T139.150.N For ISO30/SK30/HSK50 tool holder with ∅ 50 mm flange
T139.157.N For ISO 30 tool holder ∅ 57 (THERMWOOD)
T139.158.N For ISO 30 tool holder ∅ 58 (Motors ELTE/ESSETEAM)
T139.163.N For HSK63 tool holder ∅ 63
T139.164.N For ISO 40 tool holder ∅ 63,5