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5- Dowel drills, boring bits for automatic boring machines

SISTEMI offers the widest range of Klein dowel drills, boring bits and quick-change drill holders for automatic boring machinesBeyond the traditional dowel drills with T.C.T tips, you can find many other different solutions for every need and necessity. Among them, specially the solid carbide boring bits offer high performances as longer tool life, higher number of sharpening, higher resistance to the tool body breakage and excellent price-quality ratio.

Among the dowel drills and the boring bits for automatic boring machines you can find twist drills, dowel drills, through hole dowel drills, hinge boring bits, dowel drills with threaded shank, drill adaptors, quick change drill holders, boring bits for boring machines, boring bits for natural wood, pressed wood, veneered, chipboard, laminated, MDF, boring bits for working trespa and melamine panels, boring bits for CNC routers.

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