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  • Adjustable torque wrench is suitable for fastening and tightening Klein® nuts and collets properly. Use them every day in order to reach a longer tool life and better cutting performance.
  • Permissible deviation/tolerance (according to DIN ISO 6789):  4% 
  • While setting a tool it is extremely important to tighten it appropriately. If not effectively tight indeed, cutting tool could slide away from the tool holder during the working process. On the other side an excessive tightening can cause damages to the tool holder or spring collet or the tool itself.
  • The wrench indicates when the torque (Nm) is reached with a strong noise according to the value in the corresponding table.
  • Each torque wrench is supplied in its own cardboard box with instruction sheet and calibration test report unique for each wrench.

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Item D L Nm (dr. 1) Nm (dr. 2) Clamping nut
Z052.710.N 32 380 25-35 45-55 ER 16
Z052.711.N 35 380 30-40 60-70 ER 20
Z052.712.N 40 400 40-55 80-90 ER 25
Z052.713.N 50 400 66-70 120-130 ER 32
Z052.714.N 63 450 110-120 190-200 ER 40