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Sistemi Klein among the best manufacturers of wood working router bits and cutters according to Future Market Insights

Sistemi Klein among the best manufacturers of wood ...

A recent  research conducted by Future Market Insights , the leading provider of information and market research, cites  Sistemi Klein ...

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SISTEMI NEWS: Trade Shows & Fairs

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  • Right-hand rotation with “DOWN CUT SPIRAL”.
  • Polished and coated cutting edge for improved chip evacuation.
  • Use on CNC and high speed machines.
  • For working plastic materials (thin prefinished panels, 3/4 mm.), PVC, HDPE, PET, acrylic materials and solid surface.

Coating for excellent performance  

A surface treatment developed for large-scale production

KleinDIA is a DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) anti-friction coating which allows to solve problems of tool abrasion, chip evacuation and chemical attack.
A layer of apprx. 1 micron is laid on the tool surface at low temperature, thus not altering the properties of the router bit or knife.
Its high hardness is granted by both Sp2 (Graphite) and Sp3 (Diamond) carbon hybridisation.
Our several tests confirmed remarkable results on both panel working, plywood, particleboard and solid wood processing. Working plastic and aluminium without coolant is also possible thanks to a very low friction coefficient.

Technical features:
-    High hardness Hv0,025: 2500-3100
-    Higher wear resistance (longer working time)
-    Low frictional coefficient (lowered working temperature)
-    Very low sticking coefficient (Better chips evacuation)
-    Thickness: apprx. 1 micron
-    Colour: bright black

KleinDIA is the most advantageous coating, ensuring:
-    Production increase
-    Better finishing
-    Less maintenance



Item S D B L Rotation
U101.030.RKD 3 3 15 50 RH
U101.040.RKD 4 4 35 70 RH
U101.041.RKD 4 4 20 60 RH
U101.050.RKD 5 5 35 70 RH
U101.051.RKD 5 5 25 60 RH
U101.060.RKD 6 6 35 80 RH
U101.061.RKD 6 6 25 70 RH
U101.080.RKD 8 8 35 80 RH
U101.081.RKD 8 8 25 70 RH
U101.100.RKD 10 10 35 80 RH
U101.101.RKD 10 10 25 70 RH
U101.120.RKD 12 12 35 80 RH