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  • Set including the 12 most popular T.C.T. router bits in a robust and practical wooden box.
  • Ideal to have the right bit for straight cuts and dovetail joints.

The high quality Klein router bits satisfy the most accurate applications required by the marketplace today. In order to achieve the highest level of quality, our production department has continually invested in and equipped with the advanced technologies. Moreover we always pay detail attention to the choice of raw material, producing router bits for top market performance, precision and cutting life.

Item S Set including:
X008.006.R 6 A101.030.R - A101.040.R - A102.060.R - A102.080.R - A108.064.R - A108.080.R - A108.095.R - A108.127.R - A108.143.R - A108.150.R - A108.160.R - A108.190.R
X008.064.R 6,4 (1/4") B101.030.R - B101.040.R - B102.060.R - B102.080.R - B108.064.R - B108.080.R - B108.095.R - B108.127.R - B108.143.R - B108.150.R - B108.160.R - B108.190.R
X008.008.R 8 C101.030.R - C101.040.R - C102.060.R - C102.080.R - C108.064.R - C108.080.R - C108.095.R - C108.127.R - C108.143.R - C108.150.R - C108.160.R - C108.190.R