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7- Router bits and collet chucks for CNC router

Wide range of accessories for CNC routers and machining centers: collet chucks, cutter arbors, spring collets, collet nuts, solid carbide spiral cutters. Sistemi distinguishes itself both for the high quality of its tools offering high precision and balancing and both for the wide range of tool holders for all CNC routers. Furthermore, SISTEMI offers a new line of CNC collet chucks made of stainless steel that guarantee high resistance and the highest reliability by avoiding oxidation problems.

Among the router bits and collet chucks for CNC routers you can find: high precision CNC collet chucks for woodworking, SK tool holders, HSK collet chucks, BT chucks, Inox collet chucks, shrink fit chucks, solid carbide spiral cutters for woodworking, CNC router bits, spring collets, CNC spiral cutters, CNC tools, adapters for circular sawblades, cutter arbors, insert router bits, CNC collet chucks and spring collets set, solid carbide spiral cutters with KleinDIA special coating, CNC accessories, adjustable demount devices for tool holders and many others.

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