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L134.KD - L135.KD

  • EXTRA TIME grinding tool (high performance thanks to the double angle geometry)
  • Solid carbide spiral portion (with 2 flutes)
  • Polished and coated cutting edge for improved chip evacuation and less friction
  • Excellent finish and longer tool life
  • High performance thanks to its double angle geometry
  • Special HW more resistant
  • For natural and pressed wood, veneered and laminated panels, chipboard and MDF




Item S D B L Rotation
L134.050.RKD 10X20 5 28 58 DX
L134.050.LKD 10X20 5 28 58 SX
L134.080.RKD 10X20 8 28 58 DX
L134.080.LKD 10X20 8 28 58 SX
L135.040.RKD 10X20 4 40 70 DX
L135.040.LKD 10X20 4 40 70 SX
L135.050.RKD 10X20 5 40 70 DX
L135.050.LKD 10X20 5 40 70 SX
L135.060.RKD 10X20 6 40 70 DX
L135.060.LKD 10X20 6 40 70 SX
L135.080.RKD 10X20 8 40 70 DX
L135.080.LKD 10X20 8 40 70 SX