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displays router bits S=6/8/12, dowel drills, mortising bits, sawblades

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SISTEMI Klein® Calendar 2022

SISTEMI Klein® Calendar 2022

The 2022 Company Calendar is online!

News read all 11/01/2022
How to use the PRE SET P368LR

How to use the PRE SET P368LR

The new PRE SET P368LR tutorial video is online!

News read all 15/12/2021
New Packaging

New Packaging

Sistemi is glad to present the new packaging design dedicated to router bits for handportable router machines  (section 1-2-3)

News read all 09/11/2021


  • WZ alternate top bevel teeth (ATB)
  • With HW rakers for better cutting quality
  • For cutting softwood, hardwood, resinous wood and laminated.
  • Especially indicated for CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) machining operations for woodwork constructions.
  • To be used on CNC machining centres, multi-blade and sawmill equipment
  • Balanced sawblades to work in perfect stability
  • Possibility to reach high feed speeds (up to 20/30/40 mt/min)
  • Ideal for vertical and horizontal cutting of beams, roof production and heavy wooden carpentry.
  • HW grade: HC10 (K10-C3)
Hanging Packaging
Hanging Packaging
Item D d B/c Machines type Z
DL0735.04830 735 30 6,0/4,5 Hundegger 48+6
DL735.07230 735 30 6,0/4,5 Hundegger 72+6
DL0760.04830 760 30 6,0/4,5 Hundegger 48+6
DL0760.07230 760 30 6,0/4,5 Hundegger 72+6
DL0800.07230 800 30 6,0/4,5 Hundegger 72+6
DL1000.07280 1000 80+8 8,5/6,0 Essetre 72
DL1200.09080 1200 80+8 9,5/7,0 Essetre 90+12