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The new and only drilling jig which allows you to make three blind holes in a single pass for inserting the new furniture connector “Lamello® Cabineo®simply using a portable or pillar drill. It is specially made for hobbyists, artisans and craftsmen who do not own CNC router machines.

HW tools suitable for TRIMATIC 22,4, for “Lamello® Cabineo®”: L174.150.R e L174.150.L (not included)

The central bit must have right hand rotation, the lateral bits have left hand rotation (indicated with two red dots)

Cabineo is a product and trademark of Lamello®

The special millimetric scale on the basement of trimatic® will help you to make the ∅5 mm hole in the corresponding workpiece to tighten the screw of Cabineo® with accuracy.

trimatic klein drilling jig for cabineo connection

klein trimatic drilling jig for lamello cabineo



Download Trimatic Cabineo Brochure:

trimatic cabineo sistemi klein

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