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How to use the PRE SET P368LR

News 15/12/2021

Sistemi has realised a video guide for the use of the PRE SET P368LR produced by our partner M. Conti of which products we are exclusive dealers for the woodworking and panel processing industry.

In just two minutes, we demonstrate how easy and quick it is to use this measuring instrument.

First, we present the technical and structural features of the PRE SET; a short section shows how to change units of measurement, in this case from millimeters to inches. The second part of the video is dedicated to its main use: resetting the axes and tool measurement: height, diameter and radius.

Note: Maximum measurable diameter = 250 mm | Maximum measurable height = 300 mm

The PRE SET is accurate to the micron, does not require a power socket and is immediately ready for use. Its presence is essential for those using CNC machines and router bits machines.

As shown in the video, it only takes a few seconds to position the tool in the interchangeable cone holder and after resetting the X and Z axes, you can start measuring.

Do you need to measure bigger tools?

The PRE SET P368XL is able to measure tools with diameters up to 400 mm


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How to use the PRE SET P368LR

How to use the PRE SET P368LR

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