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News 27/03/2017

Check out all the new latest Klein® products which will be presented by Sistemi at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover.
Come and meet us at Hall 12 - Stand E86 to see all these new products. 


coni per calettamento a caldo hotblock klein italy 

HotBlock®: our new shrink fit chucks provide higher clamping precision having less coupling parts. Using a shrink fit machine (see our item K.START.2) the chuck bore is expanded while heated and the tool shank can be inserted. After cooling to ambient temperature, the chuck contracts precisely around the cutter tool shank granting an eccentricity under 3 microns (0,003 mm.). HotBlock® tool holders are balanced at G2.5 up to 24.000 rpm. Having a better accuracy and stability, the operator can definitely work at faster feed rate, reaching higher performance together with a longer tool life



convogliatore di trucioli e polveri durante nesting tornado klein


Tornado®: the new chip & dust extraction nut helps both dust and chip evacuation during nesting and conventional CNC routing operations. Easy to assemble directly on the collet chuck instead of the standard nut, the new Klein Tornado® has provided a big improvement of dust evacuation, removing it from the working piece directly to the centralized extraction system of the machine.





KleinDIA®: our extraordinary surface diamond coating is a DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) anti-friction cover (layer less than 1 micron) developed for large-scale industrial production, to solve problems with tool abrasion, chip evacuation and chemical attack. Due to low friction coefficient and extra wear resistance, faster speed rate is allowed when working either panels and solid wood. Plastic and aluminium working, possible also without lubricant, are as well much improved thanks to better chip flown and eliminating chip rewelding. Excellent cutting quality and smooth edge finishing are guaranteed also when working acrylic, Plexiglas, HDPE and other plastic materials.




coated dowel drills for automatic boring machine

XtraBore®: The new dowel drills for automatic boring machines developed by Sistemi in order to put on the market an higher level of dowel drills compared to all the others we have seen on the market so far. Thanks to their longer tool life, up to 4 times better than the same uncoated bits, and their productivity, up to 6 times better, they are considered the most economic dowel drills for automatic machines on the market, considering the less number of grindig operations, thus less downtime for changing tool. The Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating makes these dowel drills the best choice when working with hard and abrasive material, hard wood, chipboad and laminated panels, Trespa and melamine.

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