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NEWS PRODUCTS: Protective and Lubricants

News 29/01/2015

multi purpose spray lubricants displays
Sistemi presents the best products for a proper maintenance of your cutting tools and the table surface offered in practical counter displays with six spray cans 400ml, either with a single product or with a special mix of our best sellers with two spray cans of three different products: kleindryup lubricants blade bits cuttingkleintopup protective table and tool surface sealant and  klein protect protective lubricant for bits tools.



kleindryup blade and bit cutting lubricant: Blade and bit cutting Lubricant → it dries in a few seconds and even used many times does not form additional layers. It bonds to the microstructure of metal in sawblades, drills and router bits, enabling them to better withstand the extreme pressure and friction. Clean blade or bit with a decreasing agent (our detergent ), in this way the lubricant will form a clear, tough, micro -thin coating which reduces cutting friction by 30% and prevents from erosion of the tools and from acids in the wood, extending overall cutting edge life up to 300%. 


dryup lubricant for bit and sawbladeslubricant for cutting tools and sawblades
   Spray a thin of kleindryup lubrificante antiaderente per utensili da taglio over the entire blade or bit.                           Use the special straw to spray on the hidden part of the tool


kleintopup table and tool surface lubricant: Table and Tool surface Lubricant → forms a durable, water repelling dry film that dramatically reduces sliding friction on saw tables and tool surfaces, on your table even the heavier wood panels will slide easily and your cuts will be more precise and with fewer hang-ups. Patented Fluorpolymer technology not only reduces considerably sliding friction but also repels dust, dirt, moisture and prevent corrosion, at the same time it does not contain silicone or petroleum, so it does not stain wood or interfere with glues or finishes. It does not contain any CFCs or ODCs that can harm the environment. 


klein protect protective lubricant for tools: Protective Lubricant for tools → must be used after washing tools before storing them, especially in a humid environment. Is a mix of lubricants, solvents and corrosion inhibitors giving a remarkable protection against rust and oxidation; the presence of PTFE gives the compound also an effective anti-seize property. Removes easily and rapidly any residue of grease, coolant and synthetic compound, protects from rust and corrosion preventing moisture and water condensation. It can be used on all types of delicate machinery and mechanisms for weapons (according to U.S. Army specifications USA W-L-800-C / P9-K9/ MIL-P-116-5 NATO Code Number 0/190). Can be applied also on alloys containing copper, magnesium, nickel, steel, stainless steel, titanium and zinc.

Other Klein products for maintenance and protection of tools:

detergente liquido per utensili pantografo: Tool cleaning Detergent → water-based detergent for cleaning tools, devices, metal parts and motors. No corrosive or dulling effect. It can also be used for cleaning aluminium parts, which can corrode or become matt with traditional detergents. Not foaming. It must be diluted with water to a concentration from 5% to 35%. Completely biodegradable. It is sold in 1 L Bottle or 10 L Tank.


lavatrice lavapezzi utensili automaticaautomatic washing machine: Automatic Washing Machine → developed for cleaning tools of different dimensions, also groups for windows. Heated biological operated mode. Stainless steel housing. Easy to be installed and set up. Weight 50kg. Combining high pressure, heat, mechanical action and the chemical property of the detergent , the result will be the total removal of oil, grease, dust and sludges.

lavatrice lavapezzi utensili manualelavatrice lavapezzi manuale: Manual Washing Machine → developed for cleaning tools and any metal piece. Easy to use with a water jet and a brush. Heated biological operated mode. Stainless steel tank with thermal resistance. Weight 40kg.  Combining high pressure, heat, mechanical action and the chemical property of the detergent , the result will be the total removal of oil, grease, dust and sludges.





For more information about all these line of products for the protection and maintenance of tools download our Brochure directly here or send us an email at

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