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All the Klein® tools have been studied with the most important CNC machines producers in order to solve every kind of problem. In our Section 5 of the Catalog, in addition to the traditional drilling bits with brazed carbide tips, Sistemi recommends the use of solid carbide drills that can ensure performance benefits, longer life and higher resistance. To reduce the time of assembly and align the drills, Sistemi suggests the use of quick change drills chucks. To improve the chips flow, our boring bits are coated with a PTFE-based heat treatment in black for Right rotation and orange for Left rotation. 



Tool presetting

preset, tools presetting, measuring radius and height, tool presetter, preset for woodwoorking toolsBefore mounting the tools in a machine it is absolutely important to know the correct dimensions of the cutter and set them in order to start the production without any additional concerns. The Section 15 is dedicated to measuring instruments divided into a wide range of tool presetting and gauges. The Presetters were designed and developed in collaboration with technicians who work daily with these type of tools, having troubles with setting operations. The result is an optimization of the production and a good saving of time. The Preset P368LR is a precision tool setting instrument, easy and quick to use, especially designed to meet the requirements of the NC machine operators. Preset P368LR measures both the radius/diameter and the length/height of the tools. The measures shown in the display can be set directly in the machine and the production quickly will start again.


linear gauges, digital gauges, panel measuring, how to measure a panel woodworking industry, wood furniture


The DIGIT+ digital gauges have been designed and developed to meet the need to take as quickly as possible the measurements of the dimensions of the panels in the production units. Thanks to digital technology and to the large and easy-to-use display, the subjectivity of the operator is bypassed and the maximum precision is ensured. All DIGIT+ can be supplied on request with centesimal resolution (0.01 mm) and / or serial output.




collet chucks, spring collets, clamping nuts, carbide bits, cnc automatic routerSistemi has always been known for the high quality of its products thanks to the attention of its production material and its knowledge. Sistemi offers a wide range of tool holders, spring collets and clamping nuts for every kind of CNC machines, furthermore Sistemi offers a big choice of solid carbide tools. The new extra long and slim collet chucks  are balanced at G 2.5 (36.000 RPM) for performing special executions. Discover all the wide range of these products in the Section 7 of our Catalog. 






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SISTEMI Klein® Calendar 2022

SISTEMI Klein® Calendar 2022

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How to use the PRE SET P368LR

How to use the PRE SET P368LR

The new PRE SET P368LR tutorial video is online!

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New Packaging

New Packaging

Sistemi is glad to present the new packaging design dedicated to router bits for handportable router machines  (section 1-2-3)

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