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Sistemi for Craftsmen


TRIMATIC - The original since 1998

trimatic per cerniere, serramentisti, tre fori insieme, trapano a colonnaTrimatic are drilling jigs which allow making the three holes required in a single pass using a normal pillar drill or a portable electric drill. Trimatic for hinges are dedicated to craftsmen and hobbysts who have drilling problems when fitting hinges in the panels. Trimatic Super is an innovative tool able to satisfy the demands of artisans and small industries that face the problem of securing hinges and handles on shutters, doors and windows. To be used on a small boring machine to make holes with distance between centres of 32 mm for hinge faastening. Trimatic 43/0 was designed for window frame makers who have problems with drilling holes to fit the handle on wood, wood/aluminium and PVC windows. It allows drilling the three holes necessary to fit the cremone bolt in one single pass with a portable electric drill. Trimatic 22-25-28 have been designed for door and window frame makers. These tools allow making the seats for fitting angular and upper hinges with a normal column drill or a portable electric drill. Check out the Trimatics' family and other special products for craftsmen at Section 16.


angolfast, attrezzo per misurare gli angoli

ANGOLFAST - The right instruments for measuring angles

Sistemi Klein has studied different devices which are able to solve all those little problems of craftsmen working. One of these is the Angolfast, which features a shockproof spirit-level and can measure inner angles between 20-135°. It is made of anodized aluminium, very sturdy but at the same time light and easy to use. Sistemi has always add new products for handcrafts: such as the door Lifter, which lifts, swivels and lowers easy foot operation for weights up to 100kg for installation of door; devices for quick clamping workpieces and for other applications; T-joints clamp, edge clamp and eccentric clamp, covered in rubber to prevent damage to the wood. Find more about the Angolfast directly here.



lame circolari, seghe circolari, lama taglio legno, seghe portatiliKlein® saw blades are high quality products, guaranteed by the choice of raw materials developed in collaboration with leading European manufacturers of steel and carbide (our carbide tips are produced by Ceratizit). Klein® sawblades are exclusively worked with laser cutting. Bores and keyways are honed to ensure maximum precision. Tensioning and balancing are operated with completely automatic machines which assure the absence of vibrations and higher quality results. Sistemi offers a wide range of saw blades for cutting softwood, hardwood, exotic timber, wood with metal parts, plastic and laminated materials, solid surface and alu-panels. Check out the wide range of Klein® saw blades for portable machines and for the woodworking industry at Section 12.



utensili professionali per artigiani del legno sistemi klein



Sistemi has developed a special Catalog for Artisan and Craftsmen woodworkers in which you will find all the Klein products that Sistemi has studied specially to facilitate your job in order to raise your quality level. Download it directly here.



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The new 2022 catalogue update is online!

The new 2022 catalogue update is online!

Look for the 'New 2022' sticker in the update and discover the new products

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