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Sistemi for the Environment



The evident problem of waste management has increasingly become of worldwide importance. Always watchful of the problems that surround us, Sistemi already several years ago has decided to use only recyclable materials for its packaging, marked with this symbol   
Moreover Sistemi look forward to reduce as much as it can its refuses directed to dump.



Lots of different types of plastic can be easily recycled, so Sistemi has decided to use just recyclable plastic packaging marked with Unicode (recycling symbol) which contemplates numerical identification of recyclable plastics ,,.

Paper and Cardboard 

All our packaging in which paper and cardboard are used are marked with the Resy (recycling symbol), meaning that raw material is recycled and 100% recyclable. Sistemi has begun a digitalize project which will save a big amount of paper, in order to reduce the amount used in internal processes. Moreover by choosing to print all the Manuals, Brochures and Price Lists in-house, the Company has reduced its consume of paper more than 50%.



Inks and Glues

All our packaging are printed and glued with vegetable oil-based inks and glues with an ecological intent: the reduction of volatile organic compounds.



solar_panelsWe should stake on alternative sources of energy in order to grant a better future to our children. Because of this, Sistemi opted for a fotovoltaic panel system. Sensitive as usual to the environment themes, Sistemi installed solar panels on January 2011 for the production of green electric power. The power system ensures approx. 70% of the electric requirements of the Company.
Thanks to this project 10.000kg of CO2 will be avoided and 1.500 trees will be saved per year. 

Energy produced from January 1°, 2011

185.000,00 kWh

Equivalent trees


CO2 emission avoided

85.609,80 kg

Litres of oil avoided

40.903,19 l


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Sistemi will be closed from August 8th to 19th (included). Have a great and sunny holidays!

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