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News 15/05/2019
SISTEMI is pleased to present our New 19.A Klein® Catalog.
In view of the success of our last Catalog, we have decided to keep unchanged the handy indexing for an easier individuation of the Catalog Sections, in order to facilitate its consultation. The new Catalog has been enriched with further tables, diagrams and notions to help our customers in choosing the best tool that meets their needs.
Leafing through 19.A Klein® Catalog, you can easily notice our new products marked with “NEW” on the side, while other products have been deleted since they were hardly used and obsolete. To keep up to date with new solutions launched on the market, we have expanded the range of tools for working aluminum and plastics and added new special solutions for hobbyists and craftsmen woodworkers.
In this regard, we list our main new products from 19.A Klein® Catalog below:
  • T-slot HW cutters for working plastic materials (see item C173 )
  • HW insert router bits with special knives for surfacing plastic (see item W190.RU )
  • HW sawblades for cutting PVC (see item LE )
  • HW thin kerf sawblades for cutting aluminum (see item LA )
  • Trimatic 22,4 a drilling jig allowing the insertion of the furniture connector Lamello® Cabineo® with a pillar drill. The same solution has been designed also for drilling machines with interaxis 32mm, see item Trimatic Super 22,4 
  • Two new adjustable countersinks sets and boring bits ensuring perfect drilling without marking nor scratches the wood, thanks to depth stopper made in metal alloy with ball bearing and in Delrin (see items R156/R159 )
  • A complete line of solid carbide spiral router bits with imperial sizes (inches) at Section 7
The new 19.A Klein® Catalog is available and downloadable in PDF format directly here: https://www.sistemiklein.com/en/download/download-catalog.html
Contact our sales department to receive one or more paper copies, we are pleased to remain at your disposal for further information and clarification.




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